Motion Sensor ICs

A motion sensor is a sensor that helps to detect movement in the vicinity it is operating, it does this by using either one or more technologies. Often used within security systems these sensors will detect movement in a specific area before sending a signal to a control panel where it will alert its user.

There are various different types of motion sensors that need appropriate integrated circuits to help them function, RS stock a range of sensor ics that all help detect motion such as Accelerometer sensors, Hall Effect sensors, Inclinometer sensors and Position sensors.

Motion sensor technologies

There are various different technologies used within motion sensors here is a list of some of the most common:

  • PIR Motion sensors or Passive infrared- this type of technology identified heat or infrared energy.
  • Microwave- by sending out MW signals this type of technology is able to measure the reflection off of a moving object.
  • Area Reflective Type- emitting infrared rays from an LED, area reflective technology is able to measure the distance of a person from an object.
  • Ultrasonic- by sending pulses of ultrasonic waves it can measure the reflection of a moving object.

What are the most common applications that Motion Sensors are used in?

Here is a list of the typical applications a motion sensor can be used:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Automatic Ticket Gates
  • Entry Way Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Automated Toilet Flushers/ Hand Dryers
  • Automatic Doors

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Description Price Sensor Type Number of Axis Technology Mounting Type Interface Type Magnetic Type Maximum Frequency Response Minimum Frequency Response Maximum Operating Supply Voltage Minimum Operating Supply Voltage Package Type Sensitivity Pin Count Maximum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 183-2391
Gyroscope 1 Digital Surface Mount - - 3000Hz 1Hz 5.25 V 4.75 V BGA 13.75mV/°/s 32 +105 °C
RS庫存編號 172-9262
個 (在毎卷:3000)
Hall Effect Sensors - - Surface Mount - Linear - - 5.5 V 3 V SOIC - 8 +125 °C
RS庫存編號 801-6889
/個 (每包:5個)
Accelerometer 3 Digital Surface Mount Serial-I2C - 400kHz 0kHz 3.6 V 1.95 V DFN 256 LSB/g, 512 LSB/g, 1024LSB/g 10 +85 °C
RS庫存編號 192-4965
/個 (每包:5個)
Accelerometer 3 Digital Surface Mount I2C, SPI - 100Hz 1.6Hz 3.6 V 1.62 V LGA 2.24mg/digit 12 +85 °C
RS庫存編號 850-7543
Accelerometer 3 Digital Surface Mount SPI - 5kHz - 3.6 V 3.15 V ML 0.6104mg/LSB 15 +125 °C
RS庫存編號 850-7530
Accelerometer, Inclinometer 3 Digital Surface Mount SPI - - - 3.6 V 3 V ML - 15 +125 °C