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Heaters and radiators are ideal for areas and work spaces where central heating isn't available, or for when weather conditions require extra heating, Typically portable and able to bring extra heat to where it is needed, heaters operate from a mains power point, and are an efficient way of heating environments. We have a great range of heaters and radiators including oil filled, oil free, electric and panel heaters to meet all your heating solutions.

What Type of Heater or Radiator Do I Need?

  • Convector Heaters - type of electric heater that use air convection to run air through the body of the appliance and across its heating element. They are quieter than fan heaters.
  • Fan Heaters - employ a fan to blow air over a heated element. Though noisier and sometimes less efficient than other electric heaters, they can blow hot air where it is needed for more immediate results.
  • Radiant Heaters - unlike convection heaters, electric radiators don’t rely on circulating air to heat a room. As they rely on generating heat directly to people and objects, they are less effective at ambient heating.
  • Infrared Heaters - sometimes known as heat lamps they use infrared radiation to warm areas. They transfer radiation between bodies, spending less energy heating air, and as such are commonly used to heat outdoor areas. They don't rely on fans so they run silently.
  • Panel Heaters - ultra-thin flat versions are space saving and efficient. With versatile mounting options, and a broad surface area, they are a cost-effective way of warming a space.
  • Heat Lamps - can be mounted on poles or walls, and as such are often used for outdoor areas or large indoor spaces such as warehouses. They provide a direct heat source, and so are more efficient warming those close by than controlling the ambient temperature of an environment.
  • Portable Electric Heaters - freestanding portable heaters provide a more direct source of heat and can be moved to where they are needed. They work well as a temporary measure in spaces where heating systems have yet to be installed.
  • Tubular Heaters - tubular heaters are an efficient way and space-saving way of providing ambient heating. As such, they are often used in green houses to provide frost protection, or to prevent misting. They are usually coupled with a thermostat to adjust to specific temperatures.