Circular Connector Adapters

Circular connector adapters are electrical connectors that interface between or to different standards of circular connector. Circular connectors are a general category of electrical connection that consist of multi-pin connectors within a circular housing. Circular connector adapters are an robust method of interfacing between different wiring standards that is easy to connect and disconnect. They can also be easily weatherproofed and offer a rugged construction for many different applications.

What are circular connector adapters used for?

Circular connector adapters can be used for data transfer, electrical signal transmissions or for powering electrical devices using different connector standards. In some cases, circular connectors are designed to carry mixed signal types. These types of multi-pin connectors are used for simultaneous power and signal transmission.

Types of circular connectors

Mil-SPEC connectors: are built in accordance with military specifications. They have a rugged design that protects them from the elements, allowing them to be used in aerospace and military applications.

DIN connectors: are round with notches and a metal skirt that makes sure the pins are correctly lined up and in the correct orientation. They are commonly used in high-frequency applications.

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