A contactor is a relay designed to switch a large amount of electrical power through its contacts and is commonly used in the control of electric motors and lighting systems. A contactor can function on its own as a power control device, or as part of a starter. At RS Components, we have a wide range of 4 Pole electrical contactors with products from leading brands within the industry, such as Aleen Bradley, Eaton, Lovato, Schneider Electric, WEG and many more.

What are electric contactors?

Designed to be connected to high-current load devices, contactors incorporate spring loaded contacts that make or break power supply lines to a load. These contacts are designed to open and close very rapidly to assist with arc suppression, ensuring the contactors ability to interrupt heavy motor currents with minimal damage over a longer life cycle.In any device that is frequently turned off and on, a contactor is often employed, and different contactor configurations are designed for different current requirements. From uses in basic light switches to complex applications such as controlling electromagnets, contactors are highly versatile.

The RS Range of contactors are available in a variety of pole and throw combinations, to suit your application. A range of contactor accessories can be used to enhance the function of the contactor.

How contactors do work?

Contactors, unlike relays, are specifically designed to connect to high current load devices. Used in larger-scale applications, a contactor is a switch that can be controlled remotely, specifically designed to switch a large amount of electrical power through its contacts. If a device has the ability to switch more than 15 amperes, it is called a contactor. These devices also feature high coil voltages which is rare within relays.

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Description Price Coil Voltage Contact Current Rating Number of Poles Power Rating Series Pole and Throw Configuration Range Normal State Configuration Function Number Of Auxiliary Contacts Auxiliary Contact Configuration Contact Voltage Rating Mounting Style Length
RS庫存編號 420-390
製造零件編號LEV100A4ANH 4-1618391-0
12 V dc - - - LEV100 - KILOVAC - - - - - - -
RS庫存編號 420-401
製造零件編號LEV100A4ANG 3-1618389-7
12 V dc - 1 - LEV100 - KILOVAC 1NO - - - - - -
RS庫存編號 719-4969
24 V dc 500 A 1 - LEV200 - KILOVAC 1NO - - - 900 V dc - -