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Clear Tapes

Clear tape are a form of adhesive with a sticky back to them. They benefit from being a clear and transparent tape, making them very versatile for a variety of applications, as they are almost invisible on the surfaces they are applied to. The adhesive tape can come in a variety of sizes, with the most common clear tape being 19mm width. Clear tapes are often used in a workplace or school environment and can be referred to as office tape.

Features and benefits:

• The tape can be used to stick multiple pieces of card or paper together at once
• Can either be one sided or double sided depending on the desired use
• Strong and long lasting
• Easy to cut and manage, and the rolls can fit in an easy to use dispenser
• No mess or fuss
• Will not damage painted surfaces
• Can be used for sealing a variety of materials

Where might I use clear tapes?

There are a variety of uses and applications for clear types, and they are the most common tape seen in office or school supplies. They can be used in a variety of workplaces and can also be ideal in your home for any personal projects or packing applications.