RS PRO 8 Piece M12 HSS Die Tap Set

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
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Metric Tap Set

Straight flute taps with die-cast tap wrench.

RS PRO 8 Piece HSS Metric Tap M3 to M12

Introducing RS PRO 8 piece HSS straight flute thread tap set, a selection of high quality and professional threading taps ideal for cutting thread (tapping) by hand or machine, into drilled holes in materials such as metal and wood.

Our range of thread taps from RS PRO are manufactured using high speed steel (HSS), providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance properties. This versatile set includes taps to suit metric thread sizes M3 to M12, each to meet ISO standards. Also included is a durable tap wrench, ensuring you have everything you need for hand tapping in a variety of applications.

Features and benefits

• 8 piece set including thread sizes M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
• Ideal for hand or machine use depending on the application
• Manufactured from HSS for durability and heat resistance
• ISO standard
• Tap wrench included

Typical Applications

Threading taps are a type of tool use for cutting thread (tapping) into a pre-drilled hole, to create a clean fitting for bolts and other materials to attach to steel rods and more. Threading taps work by cutting away material to produce a thread when turned. Threading taps can be used with a tap wrench or power tool and are available in various sizes to accommodate a range of applications. They are commonly used in areas such as:

• Construction
• Plumbing
• Workshops
• Renovations


What is HSS?

An acronym for High-speed steel, HSS is generally the go-to type of steel needed for drill bits due to their excellent heat resistance at high speeds. As a standard drill can spin upwards of around 500 - 700rpm, the friction can cause a substantial build-up of heat. Something which would not be wanted when working with wood and plastic.

What are the different types of threading taps?

The four most popular ones are:

Straight Flute Taps: most commonly used type of tap and suitable for blind or though hole thread production in most materials, mainly steel and cast iron. These collect chips in the straight flutes of the tool
Spiral Point Taps: suitable for threading through holes. They push chips through holes ahead of the tool
Spiral Flute Taps: intended primarily for threading blind holes. They pull chips back from the tip of the tool and up and out of the hole.
Forming Taps: produce a thread by pressing the material rather than cutting and no chips are created.

Should I lubricate the taps?

It is recommended that lubrication is regularly applied to taps and dies when in use, to allow for friction free threading with precision. This will ensure that a clean thread is achieved with minimal damage.

What is the difference between a tap and die?

A tap set is used to create or repair threads in holes which is ideal for things such as nuts and fittings, this process is called tapping. Dies are used to cut threads on materials such as steel rods to allow a fitting to be screwed on and attached, this is called threading.



Set Type Hand Tap, Tap Set
Maximum Tap Size M12
Minimum Tap Size M3
Number of Pieces 8
Material HSS
Set Contents Taps: M3; M4; M5; M6; M8; M10; M12; Die-Cast Tap Wrench
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