Pi-Top pi-top PROTO Prototyping Add On Board PT-PROTO

  • RS庫存編號 110-4986
  • 製造零件編號 PT-PROTO
  • 製造商 Pi-Top
COO (Country of Origin): CN

pi-topPROTO Prototyping Board

pi-topPROTO is an add-on board for your pi-top laptop or pi-topCEED. It enables you to prototype electronics functionalities for your device. pi-topPROTO is also HAT compatible.
Simply slide the pi-topPROTO board into the Modular Rail inside the pi-topCEED and you can add any functionality you wish. The board itself has plenty of space to build circuits that compliment your pi-top computer. It also has a 40-pin GPIO connection for a Raspberry Pi HAT board.

What is pi-topCODER?
Use the pi-topCODER app to help you learn to code and design computing projects.

More about pi-topCEED
The pi-topCEED is an easy and exciting way to create your own desktop computer using a Raspberry Pi. It is designed for all ages and abilities, to help you learn about programming, computing and hardware creation. The pi-topCEED enables you to use your imagination to learn to create any project you wish. The pi-topCEED is plug-and-play so you can start right away. The kit comes with an international power supply, only available here at RS. Simply add any computer mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go.
pi-topCEED Green - (122-6547)
pi-topCEED Grey - (122-6548)


Classification Add On Board
Kit Name Pi-top PROTO
Technology Prototyping
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