Renesas Electronics RX MCU Evaluation Board YROTATE-IT-RX220

COO (Country of Origin): CN

RX220 Motor Control Reference Platform

The Renesas Motor Control Kit is based on a RX220 microcontroller device The kit enables engineers to easily test and evaluate the performance of the RX220 in a laboratory environment when driving any 3-phase BLDC motor using an advanced sensorless Field Oriented Control algorithm. The phase current measurement is done via three shunts which offers a low-cost solution, avoiding the need for an expensive current sensor. A single shunt current reading method is also available. The PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives real-time access to key motor performance parameters and provides a unique motor auto-tuning facility. The hardware is designed for easy access to key system test points and for the ability to hook up to an RX220 debugger. Although the board is normally powered directly from the USB port of a Host PC, connectors are provided to utilise external power supplies where required. The YROTATE-IT-RX220 is an ideal tool to check out all the key performance parameters of a selected motor before embarking on a final end application system design.

On-board 3-phase inverter
Isolated USB communication with the PC
Connectors for hall sensors and encoder connections (both encoder and hall sensors are not managed in the sensorless software but they can be supported by request)
Compatibility with the existing Motor Control Reference Platform external power stage
USB supply possibility to avoid external power supplies (where galvanic insulation is lost)
Step-up DC-DC converter to boost the USB voltage from +5V to +13.5Vdc
Step-down converter from the DC bus (which can reach up to 48Vdc in case of external supply) to the power switches drive voltage (12V)
Step-down converter from the DC bus to the CPU supply voltage (5V)

Supplied with

Low-voltage BLDC motor

Classification Evaluation Board
Kit Name RX
Technology MCU
Device Core RX220
Processor Family Name RX
Processor Part Number 79F7024
Processor Type MCU
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