mbed mbed LPC1768 MCU Prototyping MCU Module MBED-LPC1768

  • RS庫存編號 703-9238
  • 製造零件編號 MBED-LPC1768
  • 製造商 mbed

mbed LPC1768 Module

The mbed LPC1768 module is a development tool for rapid prototyping with microcontrollers. A special feature is online code compilation which is available from the mbed website here: http://mbed.org when registered. The cloud-based system allows program development to take place anywhere that an internet connection is available.

What’s on board?
• Cortex-M3 Core LPC1768 microcontroller, 96 MHz with 512 kB Flash memory, 64 kB RAM
• Ethernet, USB, CAN, SPI, I²C and GPIO interfaces
• 40-pin DIP format module, board size: 44 x 26 mm
• Powered by USB or +4.5 to +9 V applied to Vin
• Current consumption: <200 mA (Approx. 100 mA with Ethernet disabled)
• Real-time clock battery backup input
• +3.3v regulated output on V out to power peripherals
• +5.0v available on Vu (only when USB is connected), limited to 500 mA
• Digital I/O pins are rated at: +3.3 V, 40 mA each, 400 mA max


A special adapter is available (RS Part no. 703-9235) to allow this module to work with the RS Embedded Development Platform (EDP). Also available is an Application Board: RS Part No. 769-4182 .

Supplied with

• mbed LPC1768 Module
• USB cable
• Quick-start guide

Classification Module
Kit Name Mbed NXP LPC1768
Technology MCU
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