Aoip Instrumentation AN 6050 Multi Function Calibrator Case, For Use With CALYS 100 series

COO (Country of Origin): FR

CALYS 50 calibrator

Maintenance tool which gathers all of the signals in the manufacturing process: voltage, current, resistance, temperature using resistance probes and thermocouples, Frequency, counting and measurement and simulation of dry contacts.
Simultaneous measurement and emission.
Double display (measurement / emission) screen with indication of date / time and ambient temperature.
'Easyconnect", ultra simple connection system, which accepts sockets, bare wires, terminals and banana plugs as well as flat thermocouple connectors.
Graphic screen display with date and time, backlit with adjustable contrast. Selectable display resolution of 1, 2 or 3 digits after the decimal point.
Display of measurement statistics: Min, Max and Average.
Emission of ramps and increments to test the linearity and the range of transmitters, with retarder function.
Integrated valve test.
Scaling for quadratic and linear signals.
Scaling for sensor correction.
Compatible with HART transmitters.
USB port for downloading software.
Supplied with measurement wires, strap and stand.

Accessory Type Case
For Use With CALYS 100 series
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