ON Semiconductor D-STPR-GEVK Dual Stepper Motor Driver Shield Evaluation Board Stepper Evaluation Board


ON Semiconductor Evaluation Board

The ON Semiconductor evaluation board is a dual stepper motor driver evaluation board that evaluates the AMIS30543, has a micro-stepping driver. It has an on-chip voltage regulator and reset output. This chip is connected through IO pins and an SPI interface with an external microcontroller that is regulated through the PCA9655E's 16 bits of general-purpose parallel input and output (GPIO) expansion. It is applicable for stepper motor driver.

Features and Benefits:

• 128 micro steps
• Active fly back diodes
• Integrated power and watchdog support for an external MCU
• Programmable peak current up to 3A
• Programmable PWM voltage slopes
• Speed and load angle output

Kit Name Dual Stepper Motor Driver Shield Evaluation Board
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With Stepper Motor Driver
Motor Type Stepper
Featured Device AMIS30543C5431RG, MBRS360BT3G, MMBT2222ALT1G, PCA9655EMTTXG
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