RS PRO HSS 16 → 63mm Hole Saw Set

  • RS庫存編號 918-6406
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS PRO 8 Piece HSS Hole Saw Kit

Introducing the 8 piece HSS (High Speed Steel) hole saw kit from RS PRO, a robust set of hole saws ideal for cutting clean and precise holes in a wide range of materials such as carbon steel, aluminium, wood and more. This high quality set includes 8 hole saws with attachable arbors, allowing them to remain securely s in place when attached to a power tool for enhanced stability and reliability when cutting. The hole saws feature a HSS construction allowing them to cut holes in materials with ease, without damaging the surrounding area. In addition, the set also includes pilot drills and ejector springs, providing a guide for the hole saws to begin cutting with precision. The ejector spring allows for safe and efficient removal of material from the hole saw, preventing injury and damage to the hole saw or materials. This hole saw set from RS PRO is ideal for cutting holes in materials in a wide range of applications.

Features and Benefits

  • HSS construction offering high strength

  • Supplied in a sturdy storage case

  • Cutting edges are sharpened

  • Use on multiple materials

  • Cutting depth of 11mm

  • Pilot drill with ejector spring for guidance and safe removal of material from the hole saws

  • Supplied in a sturdy storage case


A hole saw is a circular shaped hole cutter, used for cutting clean and precise round holes into a variety of materials such as wood and metal, without having to cut up the centre of the material. Hole saws can feature an arbor, which allows them to be used with power tools and generally feature a pilot drill bit to guide the saw, preventing the teeth from walking and offering a smoother, more accurate cut. The main benefit of using a hole saw is the fact that less effort and power is required for the power drill to power cutting the hole, which in turn saves energy and preserves the battery life of cordless power tools. Hole saws are used by plumbers, electricians and builders for a variety of applications like:

  • Installation of door hardware

  • Creating holes for pipework, plumbing or electrical cabling and wiring

  • Installation of drainage pipes

  • Installation of light fixtures

  • Creating holes or vents in masonry


What Materials is this set suitable for?

This set is ideal for use with materials such as carbon steel, aluminium, brass, PVC, cast iron and wood.

Drill Bit Type Hole Saw Set
Diameter 16 → 63mm
Arbor Included Yes
Material HSS
Number of Pieces 8
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