Dewalt High Speed Steel

  • RS庫存編號 906-4255
  • 製造零件編號 DT71569-QZ
  • 製造商 DeWALT
COO (Country of Origin): CN

DeWALT 100 Piece Bit and Drill Accessory Kit

Introducing the comprehensive set from DeWALT that includes bits that are suitable for drilling metal, wood, plastic, and masonry, as well as a large selection of common screwdriver bits to maximise the potential of your drill. This high-quality and great value combination of bits comes in a handy storage case that fits perfectly within any DeWALT T-Stak drawer unit, making this a compact and versatile addition to your toolbox.

Features and Benefits:

• Extreme Drill Bit performance - All bits have superior HSS (High-Speed Steel) teeth and come with a ToughCoat hardened coating for greater efficiency and a longer-lasting life
• The bits can perform up to 4x faster than standard HSS drill bits, helping you perform more efficiently
• Gold Ferrous Oxide coated to prevent overheating for longer bit life
• The optimised blade design makes these bits easy to use allowing for more accurate use
• The magnetic bit holder makes it easy secure the bits from dislodging or falling out during use, preventing damage to the bit and the item that it is being used on
• Suitable for a wide range of screwdriver and drilling applications, thanks to the huge selection of bits available in this set
• All the pieces come in a compact, re-usable tool storage case that is compatible with DeWALT’S T-Stak drawer unit, making it easy to protect your tools
• The case is also tough and able to withstand worksite conditions


A good selection of all types of drill bits guarantees the job done quickly and easily. Using the right bits type to drill into a variety of materials ensures safety and reduces the drilling time.

Whether drilling wood, masonry, acrylic, metal or any number of other materials, having the drill bit for the job will give you the ability to drill with confidence and accuracy. Some drill bit sets will offer a mix of bit type to cover all types of jobs from wood and metal through to masonry, with some also including more specific bit types such as flat wood drill bit or countersinks. Drill Bit Sets are used by professional electricians, builders, plumbers, roof installers, etc. and DIY enthusiasts.

Do you sell these drill bits individually?


Can these drill bits drill into metal?

Yes – Suitable for a variety of different materials like metal, wood, plastic, and masonry

Is this set suitable for domestic use?

Yes - this is a great multi-purpose drill bit set for domestic use, as well as professional use

What does the set come with?

• 1x T-Stak Drawer Unit
• 27x Pozidriv Bits
• 26x Philips Bits
• 12x Torx Bits
• 4x Slotted
• 1x Magnetic Bit Holder
• 8x Masonry Drill Bits
• 12x HSS Metal Drill Bits
• 4x Hole saw Bits
• 1x Pilot Drill Bit
• 5x Nutdriver

Set Type T-Stak Drawer Accessory Set
Minimum Size 1.5 (HSS Metal Drill Bits) mm, 4 (Masonry Drill Bits) mm, 4 (Slotted) mm, 5 (Nut Driver) mm, 32 (Hole Saw) mm
Maximum Size 7 (HSS Metal Drill Bits) mm, 7.2 (Slotted) mm, 10 (Masonry Drill Bits) mm, 10 (Nut Driver) mm, 54 (Hole Saw) mm
Material High Speed Steel
Number of Pieces 100
Set Contents Pozi Driver Bits; Phillips Driver Bits; Torx Driver Bits; Slotted Driver Bits; Magnetic Bit Holder; Masonary Drill Bits; HSS Metal Drill Bits; Holesaws; Pilot Drill Bits; Nutdrivers
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