E8A Debug module for R8C Family

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Renesas Electronics On-Chip Debugging Emulator

The Renesas Electronics e8a on-chip debugging emulator is a development of the E8, maintaining the same functionality and ease of use whilst reducing both, the cost to the end-user and size of the unit. It is designed to be used as an on-chip debugger for R8C family, M16C family, H8 family H8/tiny and super low power series and 740 families in conjunction with Renesas high-performance embedded workshop, providing the user with a range of debugging features. It is a handy device for programmers. This emulator is ideal for the modern development and prototyping environment with programming support for devices from all the main MCU families. This product is supplied with a USB host interface cable, user interface cable and software pack containing high-performance embedded workshop, flash development toolkit, debugger support software for it and evaluation versions of the Renesas compiler toolchains. The supported versions of the toolchains are available from your Renesas supplier.
Supplied with:
USB host interface cable and user interface cable.
R8C Family Microcontrollers, Renesas Electronics
The Renesas 16-bit CISC microcontrollers of the R8C family features high ROM code efficiency, superb noise performance, low power consumption and high processing performance. This includes the advantages of abundant on-chip peripherals such as comprehensive timer functions and various serial communication functions. The R8C Family also retains compatibility with the M16C family, so software resources and development tools can be shared.
Renesas R8C Family supports a wide range of application fields like automotive, consumer products, office equipment and industrial equipment

Features and Benefits

Close to target system actual evaluation
Complete debug functions
Memory expansion mode is supported (device permitting)
On-board programming
Plastic case is made from a biodegradable material (a vegetable-based polylactide (PLA))
Superior capabilities
Ultra-compact dimensions
USB is bus-powered, no external power supply required

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