Cordless Screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers are an essential tool for any handy-worker, whether you’re taking on a DIY project, or a professional job.
Our Cordless Screwdrivers Guide will help you choose the right one for every application.
The battery powered cordless screwdriver takes the hard work out of screwing and unscrewing, while ensuring you are not tethered to the nearest power point. With compact models that allow almost as much maneuverability as a typical handheld screwdriver, a cordless screw driver can save you time and effort.
Cordless screwdrivers accommodate a variety of different chucks and bits to suit your needs, so whether phillips, flathead or tamper-resistant screws, you can ensure a quick, tight and secure finish that you may not be able to achieve with manual screwdrivers.
Featuring comfortable ergonomic designs and a range of drilling speeds, our cordless screwdrivers are an ideal companion for everyone, from electricians to maintenance engineers.

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Description Price Chuck Size Speed Battery Type Battery Capacity Battery Charge Time Voltage Rating Drilling Capacity Drive Shape Drive Size Plug Type Model Number
RS庫存編號 660-9521
製造零件編號IXO IV Set
1/4in 180rpm Li-ion 1.3Ah 5h 3.6V - Hex - Type C - EuroPlug IXO IV
RS庫存編號 391-460
1/4in - - - - - - Hex - - -