Temperature Calibrators

Thermocouple calibrators are precision portable devices used to measure temperature, stimulate thermocouple (TC) output and calibrate thermocouples (temperature sensors). They’re commonly used for testing transmitters, controllers, alarms and computer systems. 

How do thermocouple calibrators work?

Thermocouple calibrators are designed to accurately measure, generate or simulate low-level signals encountered in industrial devices. They're composed of two dissimilar metals that produce a small voltage when joined together – you can then read this signal. 

Thermocouple calibrators are usually compact, robust and easy-to-handle with large LCD screens that are suitable for use in on-site conditions. They can calibrate an instrument in its operating environment and without removing it from the process. 

Types of thermocouple calibrators

When selecting a thermocouple calibrator, it is helpful to consider the temperature range, the chemical resistance of the thermocouple metals, and overall vibration and abrasion resistance. There are four common calibrations of thermocouples, J, K, T and E, each of which is suitable for a different temperature range. You should choose the calibration to suit your specific needs. 

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Description Price Calibrator Type Resolution Best Accuracy Thermocouple Type Temperature Scale B Type Thermocouple Maximum Temperature B Type Thermocouple Minimum Temperature E Type Thermocouple Maximum Temperature E Type Thermocouple Minimum Temperature J Type Thermocouple Maximum Temperature K Type Thermocouple Maximum Temperature K Type Thermocouple Minimum Temperature L Type Thermocouple Maximum Temperature L Type Thermocouple Minimum Temperature
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Thermocouple Calibrator 0.05 (E) °C, 0.05 (J) °C, 0.05 (K) °C, 0.05 (L) °C, 0.05 (Mo) °C, 0.05 (N) °C, 0.05 (NiMo/NiCo) °C, 0.05 (Plantine) °C, 0.05 (T) °C, 0.05 (U) °C, 0.1 (B) °C, 0.1 (C) °C, 0.1 (R) °C, 0.1 (S) °C, 0.2 (T) °C ±0.02% + 3 μV B, C, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U Centigrade +1820°C +400°C +1000°C -250°C +1200°C +1372°C -250°C +900°C -200°C
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RTD Calibrator 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F ±0.012 % - Centigrade, Fahrenheit - - - - - - - - -