Digital Thermometers

A digital thermometer is a scientific instrument used to measure temperature. Digital thermometers use a probe to take the temperature and a numerical reading is clearly displayed on an LCD screen. They produce accurate readings and usually display the results in one decimal place. This makes them a popular choice as they tend to be more precise than liquid type thermometers.

RS Components offer an extensive range of high-quality digital instruments from leading brands including Fluke, Testo, Digitron, Hanna Instruments, Comark and of course RS PRO.

We also offer an excellent in-house calibration service if required. See here for more details about our calibration services

How does a digital thermometer work?

A digital thermometer uses internal sensors that produce resistance, voltage or current change when there is a change in temperature. There are 3 main types which are RTD, thermistor or thermocouple.

Digital thermometer types

Hand-Held thermometers are portable battery-operated devices with additional plugin probes. Probes can vary in type depending on the application. Popular probe types for handheld thermometers include insertion, surface or air probes.

Bench thermometers are used in laboratories and test stations. They are larger and more industrial than handheld units. Bench thermometers typically use thermocouple probes such as type K, J, N, R and T.

Panel and wall mount thermometers are permanently fixed. They are used for continuous and low maintenance applications.

Fridge and freezer thermometers are used to indicate the temperature in industrial and commercial fridges and freezers. Temperature regulation must be monitored and maintained as a rise in temperature readings could spoil goods

What are the applications for Digital Thermometers?

  • Food industry
  • Hygiene testing
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Heating & ventilation
  • Scientific research
  • Medical testing
  • General-purpose temperature monitoring

For more information please see our digital thermometers guide

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Description Price Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement Thermometer Type Probe Type Application Best Accuracy Communication Protocol Number of Temperature Inputs Resolution Data Storage Length Width Height Dimensions Minimum/Maximum Recordings
RS庫存編號 736-1501
+1767°C Wired E, J, K, N, R, S, T Industrial ±0.05 % - 2 0.1 °C Yes 173mm 86mm 38mm - Yes
RS庫存編號 353-4455
+1372°C Wired E, J, K, T Industrial ±0.05 % - 2 0.1 °C Yes 173mm 86mm 38mm - Yes
RS庫存編號 736-1507
製造零件編號FLUKE-53-2 B
+1767°C Wired E, J, K, N, R, S, T Industrial ±0.05 % - 1 0.1 °C Yes 173mm 86mm 38mm - Yes
RS庫存編號 741-4314
+160°C Wired RTD Industrial ±0.05 °C - 1 0.001 °C - 114mm 57mm 25mm - Yes
RS庫存編號 353-4449
+1372°C Wired E, J, K, T Industrial ±0.05 % - 1 0.1 °C - 173mm 86mm 38mm - Yes