Multi Function Calibrators

Multi function calibrators provide precision when simulating and measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals. They are able to simulate multiple DC (direct current) signals such as voltage, current, frequency, pulse, resistance and power.

Uses of multi function calibrators

Multi function calibrators have many different functions and benefits.

  • Voltage:

    They measure voltage in water, humidity, and aerospace.
  • Current:

    They measure direct current which is useful in industrial automation applications, for example.
  • Frequency:

    They are able to source frequency in a variety of different equipment such as counters and flow meters.
  • Resistance:

    They are commonly used in devices that work with temperature such as a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD).

Benefits of multi function calibrators

The main advantage of using a multi function process calibrator is that it is able to read many different common process signals such as current, voltage, frequency, and resistance, whereas other calibrators measure just one of these elements. Multifunction calibrators make it possible to measure and calibrate most sensors, transmitters and instruments.

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製造零件編號CALYS 50
50V 50mA 1000bar USB, 3mm Wires, 4 mm Terminal 8 h Lithium-ion Battery 210 x 110 x 50mm 900g - - +50°C -10°C CALYS 50
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50V 50mA - USB, 3mm Wires 8 h Lithium-ion Battery 210 x 110 x 50mm 900g - - +50°C 0°C CALYS 75