Sound Sensor ICs

A sound sensor IC is a small electronic component enabling the detection of sound. Sound sensor ICs are used for the detection of sound strength. When the sensor catches a sound, it processes an output signal voltage. The voltage is then transmitted to a microcontroller. RS Components offer a range of high-quality components from leading brands including Infineon.

How does a sound sensor module work?

Sound sensor ICs contain a very thin piece of metal called a diaphragm. When the metal vibrates by sound waves the vibration is converted by the sensor into an electrical signal.

Applications for Sound Sensors

Sound sensor ICs are used in a wide range of electronic circuit applications. Some of the most common areas are

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones and earphones
  • High-quality audio capturing
  • Home automation
  • IoT devices
  • Smart speakers
  • Microphones

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Description Price Technology Output Type Sensitivity Standard Operating Voltage Frequency Response Operating Temperature Range Dimensions Package Type Port Location Directivity Mounting Type Pin Count
RS庫存編號 179-6991
/個 (每包:5個)
- - - 3.6V 3 (Phase) kHz, 28 (Flat) Hz -40 → +100 °C 4 x 3 x 1.2mm LLGA Bottom Omni-Directional Surface Mount 5
RS庫存編號 179-6982
個 (在毎卷:1000)
- - - 3.6 3 (Phase) kHz, 28 (Flat) Hz -40 → +100 °C 4 x 3 x 1.2mm LLGA Bottom Omni-Directional Surface Mount 5