Pneumatic Visual Indicators

Pneumatic visual indicators are compact devices installed into pneumatic systems. Visual indicators are accessories used for monitoring and indicating the operating conditions of a pneumatic circuit. They provide a clear visual indication that a pneumatic system is operating correctly. RS Components offer a range of high-quality components from leading brands including Festo, IMI Norgren, SMC and Crouzet.

How does a pneumatic visual indicator work?

When the control pressure in a pneumatic system is reached the visual indicator is activated. With high contrast bodies, the indicator will turn from a green colour to red which is easily seen.

Where would you use a pneumatic visual indicator?

Visual indicators sometimes called Visiwink are used in pneumatic air systems. They can be panel mounted or port mounted depending on the application. Used in conjunction with pneumatic valves, gauges, compressors and fittings visual indicators are an important component for safe system monitoring.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Inlet Port Outlet Port Maximum Input Pressure Colour Mount Hole Size Body Material Mount
RS庫存編號 725-052
84 4mm 4mm - Red 22.5 mm - Panel
RS庫存編號 725-068
84 4mm 4mm - Green 22.5 mm - Panel