Pneumatic Silencers

Pneumatic silencers are used in pneumatic systems to safely vent pressurized air to the atmosphere. Also known as mufflers they are typically used with valves, manifolds, cylinders, compressors and fittings. RS Components offer a range of high-quality silencers from leading brands including Festo, SMC, Legris IMI Norgren and of course RS PRO.

Why would I need a pneumatic silencer?

Vented air that exits from an exhaust port can be so powerful it can produce a noise loud enough to be harmful to the environment or workers. Additionally, the exhausted air can also contain contaminants during operation. A silencer is a cost-effective solution used for noise reduction and to remove unwanted contaminants from clogging pneumatic systems.

How does a pneumatic silencer work?

Silencers are installed directly into the exhaust port of pneumatic valves and equipment. They work by diffusing the released air via a larger surface area. This, in turn, reduces the turbulence and decreases noise levels.

What are the different types of pneumatic silencers?

The two most common types of silencer are conical or flat. Both designs come in a range of different working pressure and temperature ratings, connection types and housing materials both metal and plastic. The application will influence the type of silencer selected.

Housing Materials

The housing material of your silencer should be carefully considered when making your selection, application and environment will influence this. There are various housing materials available, the most common being sintered brass, sintered bronze and stainless steel.

Connection Types

Most pneumatic silencers have a threaded male connection, or alternatively, they can have a push-in hose connection. Thread standards include BSP (British Standard Pipe) these can be BSPP (parallel or G) or BSPT (tapered or R). Other threads types are NPT (National Pipe Thread) or Metric, M3, M5, M7.

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