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Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatics fittings are vital for creating the airtight network required when working with pneumatics systems. There are many different types of pneumatics fittings, varying in connection type, shape and size, but they are all designed to ensure the different components, pipes and tubes in a pneumatics network are joined together tightly, sealing the pressurised air inside the system to keep it operating at its optimal performance. Our range of pneumatic fittings contains an extensive range of fittings from leading brands from the industry, including Festo, SMC, Legris, Parker, Norgren and our own RS PRO.

What types of pneumatics fittings are there?

There are many different types of pneumatic fittings, including thread-to-tubing and tubing-to-tubing adaptors and connectors, straight and elbow fittings, T-shape and Y-shape fittings and adaptors, and bulkhead and banjo variations of threaded bolts.

What are the different fittings used for?

Thread-to-tubing fittings feature either a male (outer) or female (inner) threading that will be gauged to mate with the threading on the end of the hose or conduit it is connecting to. Fittings with straight threading are intended to form solid connections but will require additional coating with a suitable sealant, such as Teflon tape. Tapered threads, however, are intended to create an airtight seal without the need for additional treatment.

Tubing-to-tubing fittings are used to connect two pieces of tubing, either in a straight or angled connection, with different types available to suit different hose/tubing materials.

Elbow fittings are used to create an angled joint, typically at 90 degrees, and can be used to connect single or multiple hoses. They can allow for quick and easy changes to the system. Straight fittings create a 180 degree connection, typically having one threaded end and one push-in end. They are often used as adaptors and are available in a wide range of diameters.

T-shaped fittings and Y-shaped fittings are ideally suited to a wide range of applications, allowing for multiple connections through one fitting. They support quick and easy tool-free installation, with the branch and end connectors available in either gender of thread to suit the application.