Condenser Microphone Components

Condenser microphone components are parts used in the construction of a condenser microphone, which produces sound using a vibrating diaphragm and a stable metal plate known as a capacitor. Condenser microphones are either DC (direct current) biased, or can operate using radio frequency. They are commonly used for studio recording rather than for live performances on stage.

How do condenser microphones work?

Condenser microphones work using a kind of capacitor, which consists of a thin membrane (known as a diaphragm) next to a solid metal plate. As the sound waves hit the capacitor, the diaphragm vibrates and moves in relation to the solid plate, converting the waves into an electrical signal. This electrical signal is then broadcast.

Types of condenser microphone components

Microphone condensers vary mainly in the quality of their output sound. The quality can be affected by the condenser's signal to noise ratio, its sensitivity, and its directivity, whether omni-directional, uni-directional, or noise cancelling. They also come in a range of different sizes and may be through hole, lead wire or surface mounted.

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Description Price Sensitivity Directivity Standard Operating Voltage Mounting Type Output Impedance Signal to Noise Ratio Maximum Supply Current Dimensions Diameter Height Maximum Frequency Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Frequency Minimum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 754-2104
-37dB Uni-Directional 1.5V dc Surface Mount 1.8kΩ 69dB(A) - 9.7 x 4.5mm 9.7mm 4.5mm 12kHz +70°C 100Hz -20°C
RS庫存編號 771-7005
個 (以毎袋:5)
-42dB Omni-Directional 2V dc Through Hole 2.2kΩ 58dB 0.5mA 4 x 1.5mm 4mm 1.5mm 20kHz +70°C 100Hz -20°C