Inductor Design Kits

Inductor design kits contain components used for the design of prototypes or for circuit optimisation.

These kits may include various types of inductors, including chip, leaded inductors, common mode, axial and radial. Accessories and sundries like diode arrays, fuses, coils, evaluation boards and switches are included in these packs as well.

What are inductor kits used for?

Inductor kits and the components they contain are used for many purposes:

  • Filters – used to set up filters in analogue circuits and signal processing devices
  • Sensors – used to pick detect magnetic fields and materials
  • Transformers – inductor combinations are used as transformers to increase or decrease voltage levels in power supplies
  • Energy storage – magnetic and electrical energy is stored in inductors and can be converted into mechanical energy

Types of inductor kits

Many types and combinations of inductor kits are available, and include:

  • Power kits, which come with high current, shielded and unshielded inductors for the construction of power circuits and transformers
  • Circuit conditioning kits, which contain inductors for use in design and repair of automotive supply and circuit drives
  • Surge protection kits, which include port applications, testing tools and inductors used for everyday general circuit protection

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RS庫存編號 163-8441
製造零件編號3650 0402 LAB KIT
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Chip Inductor 2150 - - - -
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製造零件編號3650 0402 LAB KIT
Chip Inductor 2150 - - - -