Business Card Printing Paper

Business card printing paper is high-quality card stock suitable for printing things like contact cards at home. The sturdy paper is compatible with most printers.

What is business card printing paper used for?

Business card printing paper offers a convenient way to create personalised, wallet-sized contact cards, which are ideal for professional networking or for use as loyalty cards. The cards are sized to fit standard business card rotary holders or slip into a cardholder in a wallet.

How do you use business card printing paper?

The paper comes in A4 sheets so that you can print multiple copies of your chosen design on one sheet. It is constructed in a way that allows you to pop each business card out individually, usually with non-perforated edges for a clean, professional look.

Template frames are included to help you correctly format your design before printing. Business card printing paper can be single or double sided depending on whether the design needs to be different for each side, repeated, or just one sided.

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Description Price Finish Length Number of Cards Per Sheet Number of Sheets Paper Density Width
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Satin 85mm 10 25 220 → 270g/m² 54mm