Paint & Painting Supplies

We stock a specialised range of high quality paints and painting supplies for interior and exterior applications. Whether you need to paint metal or wood we stock paint suitable for both surface types.

Types of paint and painting supplies

If you're looking to protect against rust for metal surfaces we stock galvanising spray primer with anti-corrosion properties. We also have galvanising paint to use after the primer has been applied for a professional finish.

For automotive applications galvanised spray paint is ideal because it will protect vehicles bodywork from rust and salt damage and loose material on roads such as stone chips. Also available is impact resistant and abrasion resistant paint that is less likely to flake and crack under heavy impacts and abrasions.

Marker pens are available with acrylic paint and able to write on a multitude of surfaces such as:

  • metal
  • rubber
  • glass
  • textile
  • paper
  • enamel
  • plastic
  • tiles
  • wood

They are for permanent writing application to these surfaces for when codes, size and identification references are needed on objects.

Other painting accessories that we have available are brushes in different bristle shapes and sizes. These can be used with a variety of paint types such as oil, acrylic, galvanised and water based. For more efficient application of paint especially for interior walls, we stock paint rollers and trays.