Development Board Enclosures

Development board enclosures are devices used for the storage and protection of development boards. Development boards are a printed circuit board containing a microprocessor, a programming interface and several additional input and output components, usually push buttons and LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

How do development board enclosures work?

Development board enclosures come in different sizes to hold and protect different boards. They are often moulded out of plastic and have several impressions inside to accommodate the board’s parts. They feature holes around the outside to allow for additional connections, such as a microSD slot.

Types of development board enclosures

Development board enclosures can be made from a range of different materials, depending on the level of protection you require. They can also be designed for use with specific development boards, and therefore may have different dimensions and varying cut outs depending on the equipment they are going to house. RS Components have a range of quality enclosures that are suitable for use for various brands such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino ranges, BeagleBone, Mikroe and many more.

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RS庫存編號 905-4570
BeagleBone Black Black 27.5 x 62 x 92mm ABS -