LED Reflectors

LED Reflectors are the part that sit over the LED bulb to alter the way the beam of light is presented.
How do they work?
Designed and shaped smooth or multifaceted inside, they come in various shapes and sizes. This helps them create a range of lighting effects. Certain reflectors will also contain a sub-lens that provides additional diffusion effects and help control different outputs of the light.
Features and benefits:
• Many different shapes and sizes available to suit all needs
• Large range of beam angles
• Industry standard fitting methods such as sockets, screws and push fit
• High current and temperature conditions can be used in certain models
• High optical efficiency
Where might I use one?
• In your home
• At work
• Restaurants
• Public areas

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Description Price Series Beam Angle Dimensions For Use With Fixing Method Diameter Height Length Width
RS庫存編號 890-8274
/個 (每包:4000個)
OPC 11.5 (Dia.) x 10mm Accent Lighting, Flood Lighting, Spot Lighting Glue 11.5mm 10mm - -
RS庫存編號 890-8292
/個 (每包:4000個)
OPC 13° 11.2 (Dia.) x 3.8mm Accent Lighting, Flood Lighting, Spot Lighting Glue 11.2mm 3.8mm - -