UFL Connectors

A miniature RS coaxial connector, the UFL connector is ideal when space saving is a concern. With this in mind, UFL connectors are often used on printed circuit boards, placed inside electronic devices that need a radio frequency connection. UFL connectors are commonly used to connect a WiFi antenna to a laptop’s internal circuitry.
UFL are not suitable for similar usage as other RF connectors, as they are not designed for reconnection. Constant plugging and unplugging of a UFL connector will likely damage it. To this end, they are often used in applications where disconnections are un-necessary.
The RS range of UFL connectors is available as ready to solder, or supplied as pre-wired for quick and convenient connections.

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Description Price Gender Body Orientation Termination Method Mounting Type Size Body Plating Cable Type Operating Temperature Range Mating Type Operating Frequency Contact Plating Contact Material Impedance
RS庫存編號 557-981
/個 (每包:5個)
Female Straight Solder Surface Mount - Silver - - - 0 → 6GHz Gold Brass 50Ω
RS庫存編號 166-4891
毎卷:2500 個
Female Straight Solder Surface Mount Standard Silver Plated - -40 → +90 °C - 6GHz Gold Plated Brass 50Ω