Cable Storage Racks & Dispensers

What is a Cable Storage Rack and Dispenser?
A cable storage rack and dispenser is used to both store and dispense reels of cable and wires.
How do they work?
From heavy duty racks designed to be stacked to give optimum storage for your cables, with fully adjustable height position hanging rods and a simple assembly design, to bench top cable dispensers ideal for areas where space is limited, these racks and dispensers are ideal for all your cables and wires.
Features and Benefits
• Ideal for different types and sizes of cable and wire
• Easy to assemble storage racks
• Adjustable hanging rails
• Compact in size
• Lightweight for manoeuvrability
Where would you use one?
• Factories
• Workshops
• Garages

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製造零件編號EFA04 23 001
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製造零件編號EFA04 04 ASS
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