Temperature Sensor Accessories

Temperature sensor accessories are components that contribute to the operation of a temperature sensor. A temperature sensor is a type of device, typically a thermocouple, that provides temperature measurement through an electrical signal.

Types of temperature sensor accessories

Compression glands

A compression gland, also known as a sealing gland, seals an element (probe, wire, conductor, pipe, tube, fibre optic cable, etc.). In this case the compression gland works by sealing the two joined wires of the thermocouple, allowing it to create an electrical junction (a point where both wires are combined). When the temperature changes at this junction it creates a voltage which can be interpreted to read the temperature.


Some sensors require a thermopocket (a permanent fitting that allows the sensor to be inserted or removed without interruption). This is fitted directly via an integral process connection or a compression fitting. Thermopockets increase the response time and the heavier and bigger the pocket size the more the response time will be increased.

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