Digital Panel Ammeters

Digital panel ammeters provide an accurate way of measuring and displaying current. They're designed for panel mounting and are used across a range of industry applications. Digital panel ammeters may be chosen over analogue panel ammeterswhen readings are being taken in low light.

How do you use digital panel ammeters?

Digital panel ammeters feature a programmable bar-graph scale that allows both minimum and maximum values to be set, enabling you to customise the scale to your needs. The display can be programmed to change colour, flash or change annunciator message, depending on your application. There are triggers that can be programmed to sound an alarm when a critical point has been reached. The digital meter can also be set to trip when values exceed, fall behind, are between or are outside set points.

Types of digital panel ammeters

There are a wide range of digital panel ammeters suitable for most types of input and output ranges. When selecting a digital panel ammeter there are various parameters to choose from, such as minimum or maximum temperature, measurement range, display type or meter accuracy. You can then configure them to suit your requirements.

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Description Price Current Type Cutout Height Cutout Width Display Type Number of Digits Analogue Effect Depth Meter Accuracy Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Approvals Digit Height Maximum Measurement Measurement Range
RS庫存編號 867-3063
製造零件編號DPM 942-FPSI
DC 40mm 72mm LCD 3.5 Digits Only 11.5mm ±0.1 % 0°C +50°C - 19 mm - 4 20mA
RS庫存編號 446-2143
製造零件編號DPM 742-BL
DC 32mm 62mm LED 4 Digits Only 13mm ±0.1 % 0°C +50°C - - - -
RS庫存編號 332-1849
製造零件編號DPM 342
- 18mm 38mm LED 4 Digits Only 17.1mm ±0.1 % 0°C +50°C - - - -