Dormer HSS M8 Spiral Point Threading Tap, 90 mm Length

  • RS庫存編號 812-5983
  • 製造零件編號 E471M8
  • 製造商 Dormer

E471 Spiral Point Green Shark Metric Taps

Dormer Shark Line Green Spiral Point Taps for Non-Ferrous materials. Constructed from premium grade High Speed Cobalt (HSS-E-PM) for increased hardness and improved edge strength.

Bright attractive finish with a treated edge for outstanding performance in a wide range of non-ferrous materials
Excellent performance in Brass and Copper
High wear resistance and low material adhesion for less swarf build up and increased productivity
Back tapered for faster, easier chip evacuation

Engineering Taps - Spiral Point (Dormer)

Precision HSS taps designed to produce repeatable tolerance threads in most engineering materials. Suitable for medium/high rate production.

Spiral Point
7° cutting rake
Bright surface treatment

Set Type Threading Tap
Thread Size M8
Type Spiral Point
Pitch 1.25mm
Thread Standard Metric
Thread Direction Right Hand
Number of Pieces 1
Overall Length 90 mm
Hand/Machine Tap Machine Tap
Material HSS
Shank Diameter 8.0 mm
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