EXACT HSSG-E M12 Machine tap Tap Set

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Dormer E650 HSS Metric Drill and Tap Combinations

A range of high-speed steel (HSS) spiral flute thread taps and drill combination from Dormer which are used to drill holes and create metric right-hand threads in a variety of materials. The tool drills and threads holes in one operation. The E650 features a 30 degree spiral flute which pulls chips back from the tip of the tool and out of the hole to prevent clogging. This tool is suitable for use with reversible, variable speed power tools, drill presses and hand tools such as tap wrenches.

Threading taps are used to create threads for bolts in materials like metals and plastics. Threading taps work like a drill but due to the unique shape of a tap, when they are screwed into a piece of material screw threads are created.

This range includes the following combination thread tap sizes:
373-796 - HSS M4 65 mm Length, E650
373-803 - HSS M5 69 mm Length, E650
373-819 - HSS M6 84 mm Length, E650
373-825 - HSS M8 96 mm Length, E650
373-831 - HSS M10 108 mm Length, E650
373-847 - HSS M12 113 mm Length, E650

Features and Benefits:

Material HSS (high speed steel) - for high durability and resistance to corrosion
Combination Taps Spiral Flute 30°
Manufactured to ISO standards
Metric thread type
Black oxide finish – resists corrosion, will not chip or flake
Taps incorporating a pilot drill ground on the same shank
Right handed thread direction – designed to tighten when a head or nut is rotated clockwise
Round shank with square end – helps to minimise rotation in the tool holder

Typical Applications

Taps and dies are used to create screw threads (commonly known as threading). Taps make nuts and a die makes a bolt. Forming threads using a tap is known as tapping, but using a die calls the process threading. Threading taps are used in:


What is HSS?
An acronym for High-speed steel, HSS is generally the go-to type of steel needed for drill bits and taps due to their excellent heat resistance at high speeds. As a standard drill can spin upwards of around 500 - 700rpm, the friction can cause a substantial build-up of heat. Something which would not be wanted when working with wood and plastic.

What are the different types of threading taps?
The four most popular ones are:
Straight Flute Taps: most commonly used type of tap and suitable for blind or though hole thread production in most materials, mainly steel and cast iron. These collect chips in the straight flutes of the tool.

Spiral Point Taps: suitable for threading through holes. They push chips through holes ahead of the tool.

Spiral Flute Taps: intended primarily for threading blind holes. They pull chips back from the tip of the tool and up and out of the hole.

Forming Taps: produce a thread by pressing the material rather than cutting, no chips are created.

These Dormer combination drill/taps are Spiral Flute Taps.

Metric Drill/Tap Combinations

Taps incorporating a pilot drill ground on the same shank
Suitable for use with reversible, variable speed power tools

Set Type Machine tap
Thread Size M12
Type Machine tap
Number of Pieces 6
Material HSSG-E
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