RS PRO 2 Piece 1/2 in BSPF HSS Straight Flute Tap Set

  • RS庫存編號 152-378
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

BSP (G) Tap Set

Introducing 2 piece HSS (high speed steel) hand tap sets from our trusted own brand RS PRO, a range of sets with tools ideal for cutting thread into material such as metal bolts. The durable taps included in these sets are ideal for use with a tap wrench or drill, providing excellent results for a variety of applications. The sets include the 2 common types of straight flute taps including a taper tap and bottom tap, allowing you to carry out a range of tapping tasks from starting a new thread to cutting a straight thread as soon as the tap enters the hole. Taper tap features a 4° chamfer and the bottom tap features a 23° chamfer, offering a versatile set.

RS PRO 2 piece hand tap sets are manufactured from HSS (high speed steel), offering a durable and reliable selection of tools and are available to suit a range of thread sizes. These versatile hand tap sets are supplied with a polypropylene case, allowing you to safely store the tools when not in use.

Features and benefits

One taper tap (with a 4° chamfer) and one plug tap (with 23° chamfer) per set
Supplied in polypropylene tubes


Hand tap sets are hand tools designed for thread cutting in holes into various materials such as steel allowing you to create a smooth and precise thread for bolts and other materials. They are widely used in applications including:

• Automotive
• Plumbing


How to use a hand tap?

Depending on the type of tap being used and the applications, many can be used with a tap wrench or power tool. For smooth and precise thread cutting, a wrench tool is more suitable, whereas a power tool is suited to rapid thread cutting. Once attached, the hand tap can be rotated to cut the thread in the required material.

What are the hand taps made of?

RS PRO hand tap sets are manufactured from high speed steel (HSS), offering excellent corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand higher temperatures.

What is chamfer?

Chamfer is a term that refers to the size of the threads on a tap that taper, allowing for the cutting thread to be gradually enlarged.

What is BSP?

BSP is a term that refers to trade size rather than diameter and stands for British Standard Pipe. It is an internationally recognised term that relates to thread and drill bit sizes.

What sizes are available?

RS PRO 2 piece hand tap sets are available in the following sizes:

152-176: 1/4 in BSP
152-160: 3/8 in BSP
152-378: 1/2 in BSP


Supplied in Pairs (1x Plug with 23° Chamfer Angle; 1x Taper with a 4° Chamfer Angle); Individual Taper, Second and Plug Taps in ISO Metric Course also Available

Set Type Straight Flute Tap
Thread Size 1/2 in BSPF
Type Straight Flute Tap
Number of Pieces 2
Material HSS
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