FLIR ONE Pro iOS Thermal Imaging Camera, Temp Range: -20 → +400 °C, -4 → +752 °F 160 x 120pixel

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FLIR ONE® Pro for iOS Lightning Connector

FLIR ONE Pro is an attachment that connects to the bottom of mobile devices via Lightning connector. With the ability to see what the naked eye cannot. FLIR ONE Pro™ provides thermal images of minute temperature differences. Giving users the power to see in the dark, see through light fog and smoke, observe invisible heat sources, compare relative temperatures and measure spot temperatures. FLIR ONE Pro App provides a simple and intuitive user interface with various functions making it easier to collect and share useful thermal images. It can load captured images directly to the camera roll and allows operators to easily share. FLIR ONE® Pro is perfect for all professionals that need a little help on the job site.

Features and Benefits

• MSX™ (adds visible spectrum detail to thermal images and enhances resolution) • Rugged Design
• OneFit™ Adjustable Connector
• VividIR™ Advanced Image Processing
• Higher Resolution Thermal Sensor
• Advanced Diagnostics
• One-Touch Reporting
• Enhanced FLIR ONE App
• Visible Only
• Video, Photo, Time-Lapse
• Swipe To See Visible Image
• Thermal Colour Palettes: 9
• High / Low Gain Mode
• IR Scale (Displayed on image, adjustable range)
• Spot Meters (max.): 3 (movable)
• Rectangular Region of Interest (max.): 3 (movable)
• Circular Region of Interest (max.): 3 (movable)
• Timer
• Manual Flat Field Correction
• Emissivity Settings: 4
• Mechanical Shock Drop from 1.8 m
• Easy sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, SMS)
• Battery life 1 h
• Battery charge time 40 min
• iOS Lightning (Video), Female Micro USB-C 5V/1A (Charging)


Phone not included

Thermal cameras

Thermal Sensitivity 150mK
Temperature Measurement Range -20 → +400 °C, -4 → +752 °F
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±3 °C
Field of View H x V 55 x 43°
Maximum Temperature Measurement +400 °C, +752 °F
Refresh Rate 8.7Hz
Image Enhancement MSX
Minimum Focus Distance 150mm
Focus Type Automatic, Manual
Detector Resolution 160 x 120pixel
Visual Camera Yes
Accuracy ±5 %
IR/Visual Image Combination MSX
Minimum Focus 150 mm
Interface Type Male Lightning Connector (iOS)
Application Electrical Issues, Home & Building Inspection, HVAC & Plumbing
Display Resolution 1440 x 1080pixel
Radiometric Video on Camera Yes
Other Built-in Measurements Distance
Field of View 55 x 43°
Auto Capture on Camera Yes
Weight 36.5g
Dimensions L x W x D 67 x 34 x 14mm
Model Number FLIR ONE Pro iOS
Vertical Detector Resolution 120pixel
Horizontal Detector Resolution 160pixel
Dimensions 67 x 34 x 14mm
Model Number p FLIR ONE Pro iOS
Horizontal Display Resolution 1440pixel
Width 34mm
Height 14mm
Vertical Display Resolution 1080pixel
Horizontal Field of View 55°
Vertical Field of View 43°
Length 67mm
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