Honeywell Wire Lead Strain Gauge 12.7mm, 6kΩ -40°C +85°C

  • RS庫存編號 235-6210
  • 製造零件編號 FSG15N1A
  • 製造商 Honeywell
COO (Country of Origin): CN

Honeywell Micro Switch Force Sensor - FSG15N1A

Our Honeywell force sensor facilitates a precise and reliable force sensing performance. Forming part of the FS Series, Honeywell's sensor has proven sensing technology that utilises a specialised piezoresistive micro-machined silicon sensing element.

Where can I use my force sensor?

The device can sense the force within medical infusion pump applications, contact sensing, robotic end-effectors, kidney dialysis machines, variable tension control and many more.

How force sensors work?

The force sensor component operates through the resistance of silicon implanted piezoresistors increasing when the resistors flex comes under an applied force. The sensor uses force from the application, this is done through the stainless steel plunger directly to the silicon sensing element. The amount of resistance changes in proportion to the amount of force being applied, this change in circuit resistance results in a corresponding mV output level.

Features & Benefits

• Compact, commercial grade packaging
• Robust performance characteristics
• Quick response times
• Honeywell's sensor has a low power consumption
• Low off-centre loading errors
• Provides stable millivolt outputs over the 1500 gram force range
• Modular construction with a stainless steel plunger
• Features a load capacity of 5.5kg over-force
• Full instruction are supplied with the product
• Has a maximum DC voltage of 10V
• Has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C - +85°C


Brackets available in packs of 5 (RS stock number - 238-5066)

Gauge Resistance 6kΩ
Terminal Type Wire Lead
Maximum DC Voltage 10V
Length 11.1mm
Width 12.7mm
Depth 10.3mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +85°C
Dimensions 11.1 x 12.7 x 10.3 mm
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