Renesas Electronics Revelation MCU Development Kit YRPBRX71M


RX71M Revelation Kit

The RX71M Revelation Kit for the RX71M series of 32-bit microcontrollers is pre-programmed with a number of GAPI graphical user interface demonstration programs. The Revelation board is recognised as a USB mass storage device when connected to PC USB port. The Revelation Kit software is based on Renesas GAPI software (configured for 16-bit (RGB565)) and the USB FIT (Firmware Integration Technology) drivers, which are available for customer project development at no extra charge. The board also demonstrates the use of a Real-Time Operating System, FreeRTOS.

240MHz RX71M 32-bit microcontroller with 4MB Flash memory, 552KB RAM
On-board E2 Lite Emulator for in-circuit Flash programming and debugging
Colour TFT LCD QVGA (320 x 240pixel) display with resistive touch screen
Debug USB connector
User miniUSB connector
Powered from debug USB connector
Header pads for external E1 debugger
Header pads for 2 x Pmod connectors
Reset selector switch
Designed to work with e²studio IDE software

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Quick Start Guide

Classification Development Kit
Kit Name Revelation
Technology MCU
Device Core RXv2
Processor Family Name RX71M
Processor Part Number RX71M
Processor Type MCU
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