Fibreglass Bristle PCB and Flux Brush, 4mm Diameter

  • RS庫存編號 514-868
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

Cleaning Brushes

These brushes and refills are ideal for cleaning small areas and components such as printed circuit boards (PCB), battery contcats and fixings.

Refillable Fibreglass Brush

An elegantly designed cleaning brush made into the shape of a pencil, to hold brush strands of 4 mm in diameter. You can also propel the brush back into its holder by rotating the end, ensuring you brush stays clean and tidy.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use for cleaning and preparing
Retractable brush
Optional refill

Product Application Information

Used as a cleaning tool for electronics such as PCBs and other small components. Ideal for corroded electrical contacts, removal of paint and varnish on small objects or soldering iron tips. Can be used to prepare copper tracks for soldering.

Product Application

This brush is recommended for cleaning corroded electronics contacts, PCB tracks prior to soldering, as a remover of paint or varnish from small components and for cleaning the area prior to applying flux.

Features and Benefits

• Easy to use for cleaning small areas and preparing before repair work
• Retractable bristles
• Optional refill fibreglass 514-874 or brass 514-880

How do I change a refill?

It’s very simple to replace the brush with these simple steps. Unscrew the Ferrell, pull out what is left of the fibreglass pad, insert the new refill and reassemble the brush.

Bristle Material Fibreglass
Diameter 4mm
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