Aoip Instrumentation CALYS 75 Multi Function Calibrator 50V 50mA

COO (Country of Origin): FR

CALYS 75,Calibrator

A complete tool able to measure and generate all manufacturing process signals: voltage, current, resistance, temperature by resistive probes and thermocouples, frequency, counting and measurement and simulation on dry contacts.
Dual display continuously shows the measurement value, the emitted value, and indicates the date, time and external temperature.
Drop-down menus and online help available.
Features the ultra simple "Easyconnect" system, which allows you to connect sockets, wires, banana plugs and security connectors, as well as flat thermocouple connectors.
Emission of ramps and steps to test linearity and transmitters with a delay function.
Graphic display with date and time, backlit display with contrast settings Display resolution may be selected with 1, 2 or 3 digits after the point.
Measurement statistics displayed: Minimum, Maximum and Average.
10,000 values may be stored.
Shockproof sheath.
Integrated valve test.
Scales quadratic signals.
Compatible with HART transmitters.
USB connection for downloading.
Supplied with measuring cables, strap, stand for desktop use and fitted with European plug.

Aoip Instrumentation Calibrator

The Aoip Instrumentation calibrator is a basic multifunction calibrator from the CALYS range. It is the perfect tool for advanced process maintenance and can be used on the test bench in many industries. It is suitable for both field and lab measurements. This product can simultaneously measure and generate over two isolated channels, various signals of temperature, resistance, process and frequency in one single instrument. This calibrator is fully protected by an antichoc rubber holster. It integrates "easy connect" terminals and a wide backlit display that makes it easy to use in low light conditions. This tool gathers all the signals in the manufacturing process: voltage, current, resistance, temperature using resistance probes and thermocouples, frequency, counting and measurement and simulation of dry contacts.

Features and Benefits

• Simultaneous measures and simulates current range up to 50mA and voltage up to 50V
• Double display (measurement/emission) screen with an indication of date/time and ambient temperature
• 'Easy connect", ultra-simple connection system, which accepts sockets, bare wires, terminals and banana plugs as well as flat thermocouple connectors
• Graphic screen display with date and time, backlit with adjustable contrast
• Selectable display resolution of 1, 2 or 3 digits after the decimal point
• Display of measurement statistics for min, max and average values
• Emission of ramps and increments to test the linearity and the range of transmitters, with retarder function
• Integrated valve test
• Scaling for quadratic and linear signals
• Scaling for sensor correction
• Compatible with HART transmitters
• USB port for downloading software
• Supplied with measurement wires, strap, stand for desktop use and fitted with a European plug
• Relative pressure is 30bar and Absolute pressure is 1,000 bar


Process control automation
• Manufacturing
• Instrumentation


IP54 rated
• 21 CFR compliant

Maximum Voltage Measurement 50V
Maximum Current Measurement 50mA
Port Connections USB, 3mm Wires
Battery Life 8 h
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Power Source Battery
Dimensions 210 x 110 x 50mm
Weight 900g
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Model Number p CALYS 75
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