ON Semiconductor BLDC-GEVK Internet of Things (IOT) BLDC Motor Driver Shield Evaluation Kit BLDC Evaluation Kit


ON Semiconductor Evaluation Board

The ON Semiconductor evaluation board is an internet of things motor driver shield evaluation board. It comes with LV8907, high performance, sensor-less three-phase BLDC motor controller with integrated gate drivers for driving external N-MOSFETs. An on-chip two-stage charge pump provides the required gate current for a wide range of ultra-low RDS(ON) type external N-MOSFETs. This is applicable for three-phase BLDC motor driver.

Features and Benefits:

• A watchdog timer
• An in-built linear regulator for powering an external circuit
• An SPI interface is provided for parameter setting and monitoring the system health and utilized through the PCA9655E's 16 bits of general purpose parallel input and output (GPIO) expansion
• Local interconnect network (LIN) transceiver
• Supports open-loop, as well as, closed-loop speed control with user configurable start up, speed setting and proportional/integral (PI) control coefficients
• System protection and diagnostic functions such as over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, under-voltage and over-temperature

Kit Name Internet of Things (IOT) BLDC Motor Driver Shield Evaluation Kit
Kit Classification Evaluation Kit
For Use With Three-Phase BLDC Motor Driver
Motor Type BLDC
Featured Device LV8907UWR2G, MBRB40250TG, MM3Z39VT1G, MMDL6050T1G, NTMFS5C404NLTT3G, PCA9655EMTTXG
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