ON Semiconductor LV8741VGEVB H-Bridge Driver IC Evaluation Board Stepper Evaluation Board for LV8741V-TLM-E


The LV8741V is a 2-channel H-bridge driver IC that can switch a stepping motor driver, which is capable of micro-step drive and supports Full-step, Half-step (full torque), Half-step, and Quarter-step resolution, and two channels of a brushed motor driver, which supports forward, reverse, brake, and standby of a motor.

Single-channel PWM current control stepping motor driver (selectable with DC motor driver channel 2) incorporated
BiCDMOS process IC
Micro step mode can be set to full-step, half-step (full torque), half-step, and quarter-step mode
Excitation step proceeds only by step signal input
Motor holding current selectable in four steps
I/O max = 1.5A
Output-stage push-pull structure enabling high-speed operation
Output short-circuit protection circuit (selectable from latch-type or auto reset-type) incorporated
Thermal shutdown circuit and power supply monitor circuit incorporated
Supports control power supply VCC = 3.3V

Kit Name H-Bridge Driver IC Evaluation Board
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With Brushed Motor Drive, Stepping Motor Drive, 2-Channel H Bridge Drive
Motor Type Stepper
Featured Device LV8741V-TLM-E
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