Microchip PIC16F1527-I/PT, 8bit PIC Microcontroller, 20MHz, 28 kB Flash, 64-Pin TQFP

  • RS庫存編號 165-3572
  • 製造零件編號 PIC16F1527-I/PT
  • 製造商 Microchip
COO (Country of Origin): TH

PIC16F1526/1527 8-Bit Flash Microcontrollers

The PIC16F range of Microcontrollers from Microchip are 8-bit MCUs that incorporate Microchip’s PIC® architecture into a variety of pin and package options, from space efficient 14-pin devices to feature-rich 64-pin devices. Devices with Baseline, Mid-Range or Enhanced Mid-Range architecture are available with numerous different peripheral combinations, giving designers flexibility and choice for their applications.

The PIC16F1526/1527 family of microcontrollers is based upon Microchip’s enhanced mid-range core with a 16 level deep hardware stack and 49 instructions. These MCUs provide up to 5 MIPS, up to 28 Kbytes program memory with up to 1536 bytes of RAM. On board is a configurable oscillator.

Microcontroller Features

20 MHz Max. CPU Speed
49 Instructions
16 Level Hardware Stack
16 MHz Internal Oscillator – Selectable Frequency Range 16 MHz to 32 kHz
54 I/O Pins
XLP Technology
Power-On Reset (POR)
Power-Up Timer (PWRT)
Programmable Low Power Brown-Out Reset (LPBOR)
Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT)
In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
In-Circuit Debug (ICD)
Enhanced Low-Voltage Programming (LVP)


30 Channel 10-bit Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC)
Ten Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) Modules
Voltage Reference Module
Six 8-bit Timers
Three 16-bit Timers
Two Master Synchronous Serial Ports (MSSP) with SPI and I2C
Two Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (EUSART)

RAM Size 1.536 kB
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