Stanley 1-77-174 Measuring Wheel

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  • 製造零件編號 1-77-174
  • 製造商 Stanley

Stanley 1000m Measuring Wheel

Introducing the Stanley Measuring Wheel. This counter measuring wheel features a high-quality gear-driven counter with a heavy-duty plastic housing, ideal for when measuring on worksites or on rugged terrains. In addition to this, it has an easy to read 5-digit counter along with a manual reset button. For convenience, the measuring wheel has a strong metal folding handle with a rubber grip and wheel mount for easy transportation and storage. For greater strength and durability, Stanley offers this measuring wheel with a die-cast aluminium wheel, as well as a wear-resistant rubber tread for long life and a convenient folding kickstand so the unit will stand alone for when measurements need to be noted down. This piece of equipment is essential for anyone in construction or surveying for high-accuracy and efficient distance measuring.

Features and Benefits:

• This Stanley measuring wheel features a gear-driven counter with tough plastic housing for long life, making it ideal for use in external as well as internal environments
• It has a 5-digit counter with a manual reset button for superb accuracy
• The heavy-duty metal folding handle and rubber hand grip allow for maximum durability
• It has a folding wheel mount and kickstand for convenience and easy storage
• This measuring wheel is ideal for laying out and measuring internal spaces
• It features twin rubber wheels for stability and durability and a die-cast aluminium wheel with wear-resistant rubber tread for improved traction on rugged terrains or worksites


A measuring wheel is known under many names like a surveyor’s wheel, a click wheel, hodometer, or trundle wheel. Its primary purpose is to measure a distance with each revolution of the wheel measuring a certain distance like a metre or yard.

They are most commonly used in:
• Construction
• Landscaping
• Gardening
• Rail Work
• Surveying

What is the measurement range?

The Stanley measuring wheel’s measurement range is 1000m

What does it come with?

This measuring wheel takes the measurement in Metric units

Does it come with a storage bag?

Yes, the measuring wheel comes with a storage bag to safely store away the wheel, as well as aid in portability

Accuracy ±1 %
Measurement Range 10000m
Imperial or Metric Metric
Model Number p MW40M
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單價(不含稅) 個
TWD 3,546.00
TWD 3,723.00
Per unit
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