Irwin Black/Blue ABS Plastic Adjustable Strap Rubber Knee Pad

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Irwin Pro Swivel Flex Knee Pads

Introducing the Irwin Swivel Flex Knee Pads that have a convex design giving you better flexibility, pivoting and manoeuvrability on textured surfaces. A comfortable long-lasting fit is provided by the flexible materials and the swivel cap that ensures easy movement. Double straps give a safe and comfortable fit plus there is no restriction of blood flow. An easy front fastening system ensures the comfortable secure fit.

Features and Benefits:

• Swivel flex knee pad
• Compact swivel cap
• Convex cap design
• Excellent pivoting
• Manoeuvrability
• An easy front strapping fastening system
• Double straps
• Non-restriction of blood flow
• Flexible materials
• Excellent on textured surfaces
• Excellent for use when working with carpet

Typical Applications:

The risk of knee injuries with trade professionals is extremely high so knee protection is essential. Knee pads or knee pad inserts provide essential knee protection when combined with safety trousers and other protective workwear clothing. Knee pads have been designed to be hard-wearing and provide protection whilst also being comfortable to wear in the workplace. The foam or gel-filled protective knee pads cushion the knees and protect them from injury when kneeling on site.

Knee pads are typically used by professionals such as:
• Plumbers
• Builders
• Electricians
• Car Mechanics
• Technicians
• Roof Installers


Can these be work in work trouser pockets rather than strapped around the leg?
No, they can only be used as strapped around the leg. Tensioning straps are not removable.

Can these knee pads be washed?
Yes, knee pads can be washed if necessary.


CE EN 14404

Knee Pad Attachment Type Adjustable Strap
Knee Cap Material ABS Plastic
Colour Black/Blue
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