MikroElektronika TouchPad Capacitive Touch mikroBus Click Board for MTCH6102


TouchPad click mikroBUS™

The MikroElektronika TouchPad click Board is an accessory board that provides a simple method of adding capacitive touch to a development platform.

Like all click Boards the TouchPad click fits the popular mikroBUS™ socket, creating a plug-in solution to add functionality, removing the need for hardware configuration.

The TouchPad click provides a single capacitive touchpad that is covered with plastic, demonstrating projected capacitive touch.

The Microchip MTCH6102 Projected Capacitive Touch Controller is used to detect and interpret user inputs. The MTCH6102 supports taps, double taps, swipes and scrolling gestures to provide multiple input options for small touchpads.

To support battery powered applications the MTCH6102 provides power-saving features such as separate sleep, idle, standby and active modes. The frame rate can also be configured to reduce consumption.

The TouchPad click interfaces with the host MCU via I2C


Fits the popular mikroBUS™ socket
Covered touchpad
Demonstrates projected capacitive touch – detects through non-isolating material
MTCH6102 Microchip Projected Capacitive Touch Controller
Supports taps, double taps, swipes and scrolling gestures
I2C interface
3.3 V supply

Package Contents

1 x TouchPad click Board


Click board comes with the header strips soldered.

Click mikroBUS™ Human-Machine Interface Boards

User Interface Capacitive Touch
Featured Device MTCH6102
Kit Classification MikroBus Click Board
Kit Name TouchPad
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