RS PRO Hook & Loop Cable Tie

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS PRO Hook and Loop Cinch Straps

Introducing RS PRO hook and loop cinch straps, a range of highly durable hook and loop fasteners that allow you to keep your cables and wires neatly managed in an efficient way. Both the loop tape and hook tape are made from a nonabrasive woven nylon fabric material, reducing the risk of damage to wires and cables. RS PRO hook and loop cinch straps are also re-usable, making them very cost effective.

Hook and loop fasteners can be used for a multitude of applications where a temporary bond is required in order to keep leads and cables in order, not only to keep them tidy but to also minimise the risk of accidents such as trips and falls. The durable design of the RS PRO hook and loop cinch strap fastening means that they will remain intact for longer and can withstand multiple detachments of the tape.

Our RS PRO range offers a wide variety of durable and reliable products that are excellent value for money. Each and every RS PRO product has been rigorously tried and tested against demanding industry standards, ensuring high-quality products that are trusted by engineers worldwide.

Features and Benefits

• Quick and convenient bundling of category cables and wires
• Quick and easy to install
• Textile material prevents damage to cables
• Fasteners available in a range of colours to allow for colour coding
• Re-useable making them cost effective
• Plastic cinch ensures, strength, stability and secure bundling

Why use a hook and loop fastener?

Hook and loop fasteners can be used for a wide range of applications. An ideal use for these cable ties is in the computer, telecommunications and network installation industries. They're extremely quick and easy to install and are highly versatile, allowing you to switch from one application to another without causing damage to the product.

Are hook and loop cinch straps adjustable?

RS PRO hook and loop cinch straps can be adjusted to the desired size, making them very versatile.

How do you attach a hook and loop cinch strap?

A hook and loop cinch strap can be attached free hand, simply by wrapping the fastener around the desired application and feeding the end of the strap through the plastic cinch. Once pulled through to the desired size, simply apply pressure to the hook and loop fastening to secure.

Length 310mm
Width 20 mm
Colour White
Material Nylon 66
Quantity 10
Product Type Strap
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單價(不含稅) 個 (以毎袋:10)
TWD 58.90
TWD 61.80
Per unit
Per Bag*
10 +
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