Han Contacts Male 10A Crimp Contact Minimum Wire Size 1.5mm² Maximum Wire Size 1.5mm² for use with Heavy Duty Power

  • RS庫存編號 173-7323
  • 製造零件編號 09150006101
  • 製造商 HARTING
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Han-Com®, Han D®, Han DD® and Han® E Crimp Contacts

A range of high quality turned crimp contacts for Han-Com®, Han D®, Han DD® and Han® E inserts. The appropriate parallel action crimp to tool is also available for optimum crimp quality, as is the appropriate service crimp tool.

Features & Benefits

• The parallel action crimp tool offers optimal crimp quality and features a rotating locator. See stock number 114-7706.
• For service and small assembly, the service crimp tool is offered complete with locator. See stock number 313-6607.

Product Application Information

The Han-Com combination connectors are industrial connectors designed for providing power and signal contacts in one insulation body. The Han-Q Series are connector inserts with a compact design, while the Han D/DD/DDD series are connectors built for high pin count interconnect applications.


Han-Com® inserts have mixed power and signal formats. A typical identifier is ’4//2’ which means there are 4 power contacts and 2 signal contacts. The current rating is different for each type of contact within a particular insert.



Han-Com® Signal & Power (Crimp and Screw)

These Han- Com® inserts are available in current ratings from 10A to 100A. They are intended for use typically with hoods and housings; RS stock Nos. 181-0561, 181-0741, 181-0785, 363-8535, 363-8585 and their associated ranges. These hood and housing ranges are associated to a specific Harting 'Size' number identifier


  • These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of wrong connection.
Series Han Contacts
Accessory Type Crimp Contact
For Use With Heavy Duty Power Connector
Range Han CD, Han Com, Han D, Han DD, Han DDD, Han Q, R15
Voltage Rating 250 V
Current Rating 10A
Minimum Wire Size mm² 1.5mm²
Maximum Wire Size mm² 1.5mm²
Termination Method Crimp
Gender Male
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