TE Connectivity Clear No 3.2:1, Heat Shrink Tubing 6.4mm Sleeve Dia. x 1.2m Length , TFER Series


Clear TFER Heat Shrink Tubing

A highly flame retardant, heat shrinkable tubing that is manufactured from modified PTFE. The tubing provides insulation and mechanical protection in severe chemical and thermal environments. The heat shrink can be used in many applications such as electrical insulation, protection of electronic components, covering of hydraulic hose, and offering prevention against contamination and corrosion.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits
• Thin wall, flexible, and transparent
• Shrink ratio of 3.2:1,
• High flame and chemical resistance
• High mechanical strength and low coefficient of friction

What does a heat shrink ratio of 3.2:1 mean?
A ratio of 3.2:1 means when the tube is heated it shrinks to just over a third of its original diameter.

How can I shrink the tubing?
A heat gun or a heat shrink oven are ideal ways to shrink your tubing. Before heating always check to ensure you know the correct heating temperature of your tubing.

Remember to ensure all health and safety precautions have been taken prior to using a heating devise.


AMS-DTL*-23053/12, AMS 3584,3585.


Mil-DTL 23053/12


Mil-DTL 23053/12; AMS 3584, 3585

Sleeve Diameter 6.4mm
Shrunk Diameter 1.6mm
Colour Clear
Sleeve Type Heat Shrink
Adhesive Lined No
Shrink Ratio 3.2:1
Sleeve Length 1.2 m
Material Teflon Fluoropolymer
Flame Retardant Yes
Halogen Free No
Standards Met ASTM D 876-00, ASTM D2671, Class 5, Def. Stan. 59-97 Type 5B, IEC 60243, Military AMS-DTL-23053/12 Class 3, Raychem RW-2054
Series TFER
1 "將在 2 工作日發貨 (本地庫存) "
1500 在6 工作日內發貨 (海外庫存)
單價(不含稅) 個
TWD 315.00
TWD 331.00
Per unit
1 - 14
15 - 49
50 +