Texas Instruments CD4013BM Dual D Type Flip Flop IC, 3 → 18 V, 14-Pin SOIC


4000 Series Flip-Flops & Latches, Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments range of Flip-Flops and Latches from the 4000 Series CMOS Logic Family

4000 CMOS Logic Family, Texas Instruments

CMOS Family devices
Wide operating voltage range: 3 to 18V

Logic Family 4000
Logic Function D Type
Input Type Single Ended
Output Signal Type Differential
Triggering Type Positive Edge
Polarity Inverting, Non-Inverting
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type SOIC
Pin Count 14
Set/Reset Yes
Number of Elements per Chip 2
Maximum Propagation Delay Time @ Maximum CL 300 ns @ 5 V
Dimensions 8.65 x 3.91 x 1.58mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -55 °C
Height 1.58mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +125 °C
Length 8.65mm
Width 3.91mm
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage 3 V
Propagation Delay Test Condition 50pF
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage 18 V